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    電話 :0511-8848 9488

    傳真 :0511-8833 9993

    手機1 :189 1211 1066

    手機2 :189 5290 9488

    郵編 :212215

    郵箱 :guweiyu520@163.com

    地址 :江蘇省揚中市經濟開發區紅星路688號 






           HWM×(CMC) compact insulation busbar used in AC 3 phase 4 lines or 3 phase 5 lnes distribution system,rated current iS 200A~5000A, the frame is good steel, inner cooper is covered with insulation material and after that they are merged in one and contact frame, it has compact structure, large abstract heat and so on features, it lS special used in electrical transformer, LV distribution and heavy load and so on large power transmission place.

          Standard node linear measurement is 2m or 3m of the HWMX (CMC) type busbar, the Max. tap off current of the connecting container is'630A, users can chose different device to installation in the inner box at will.